Grah Shanti Puja

Grah Shanti Puja

The Grah Shanti Pooja may be conducted before every wedding ceremony, but have you ever paused to wonder why this is celebrated in the first place? Today we will give you the details about this ceremony.

What is Grah Shanti Pooja?

Grah Shanti Pooja is the ritual before the wedding that is performed by a priest. During this ritual the priest calls forth Lord Ganesha and asks him to remove the obstacles from the path of the bride and groom, so that they may have a happy livelihood. The ceremony is performed in the presence of the parents of the bride and groom. The same pundit or priest, who conducts the wedding, does this Pooja in the presence of both the families.

When is it performed?

Starting with the engagement and then the wedding, Grah Shanti is the most important ritual. It is the final step the bride and groom take before entering their married life. The words ‘Grah’ and ‘Shanti’ refer to planets and peace respectively. Hence it is done right before the wedding ceremony so as to ensure the home is peaceful.

However, Grah Shanti is performed in a number of different steps and each of those has their own significance. Today we will tell you the importance of performing Grah Shanti Pooja step by step.

Puja Vidhi Step By Step

  • Invocation of Lord Ganesha:
  • Lord Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles. Hence he is invoked to remove the obstacles in the path to successfully complete the wedding.It is important to do Ganesh Pooja before wedding.
  • Wedding completion:
  • the Hindu weddings are supposed to be complete only after the 9 planets are in order. Also after all the Gods and Goddesses are invoked and they bless the couple, the wedding is complete.
  • Grah Shanti at home:
  • Grah Shanti is therefore done at home of the bride and the groom separately. This is to take out the individual doshas that the bride or the groom may possess.
  • Influence of planets:
  • One of the most important things to do before tying the knot is the Grah Shanti Pooja. It ensures that the bride and groom have a successful marriage.